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Disease Management

Innovative Healthcare Consultants combines its excellent services with exemplary clinical care. Our clinical services are delivered by experienced, trained professionals who are able to treat a variety of conditions and diseases within the scope of a care plan personalized for each and every client.

Among the activities and services our clinical program provides are the following:

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Care Planning
  • Physical status, including known diagnosis, current complaints, and symptoms
  • Disease management protocols and programs - We have incorporated the concept of disease monitoring into our care, reducing healthcare costs and improving quality of life for individuals with chronic diseases.
  • 24-hour at-home monitoring
  • Review of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications, clients’ ability to self-administer, and adherence to physician recommendations
  • Arranges for equipment such as healthcare alert devices, grab bars, bathroom and bedroom devices
  • Client and family education and support
  • Support for education for managing behavioral problems that arise due to dementia or mental health issues
  • Reduction of social isolation through the introduction of specialized activities companions or the use of community services
  • Accompaniment to appointments and to activities
  • Works closely with clients to overcome resistance to care