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Assisting Your Loved Ones Back Home

We safely transition patients discharged from healthcare facilities to home. Our certified professional care managers make the transition from a hospital or rehabilitation facility safer for patients. Our care managers and caregivers complement insurance benefits.

Innovative Healthcare Consultants will:

  • Respond immediately
  • Complete a comprehensive evaluation of needs
  • Provide a highly skilled caregiver if needed
  • Confirm the correct medications and doses
  • Review and reinforce the approach to care with patient and caregiver
  • Provide 24 hour on-call service to the patient
  • Coordinate care with the physician(s)
  • Consult with the patient and family to review care issues and make recommendations to ensure that the patients long-term care needs are met

People with multiple medical conditions usually have several professional providers, and are prescribed numerous medications.

We help manage these situations by providing:

  • Coordination of physician care to facilitate communication between specialty physicians
  • Medical advocacy, to assist you in navigating the complex medical system and ensure that your loved one receives the care to which they are entitled
  • Reporting to help keep you and other family members informed
  • Updates on functional status to the different professionals and contacts who are prescribing and treating the client
  • Arrangements for advance directives
  • Arrangements or assistance with insurance payments
  • Arrangements for outside services such as meal delivery, healthcare alert devices, or trips into the community for social stimulation
  • Arrangements for renewal and pick-up of prescriptions from doctors and pharmacies
  • Accompanying client on appointments to doctors’ offices
  • Introduction of homecare workers
  • Careful screening and matching of caregivers to family/patient needs, including attention to any kind of family preference
  • Continuity of care throughout transitions, from home to hospital to assisted living facility or other care community as needed