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Senior Home Care Beverly Hills

Senior Home Care Beverly Hills

What is Senior Home Care?

Senior home care in Beverly Hills may look like many different services to different patients, depending on the level of care needed and the desired outcome. If you're comparing the costs of services for non-medical senior home care, feel free to speak with our staff at Innovative Healthcare. We can provide the peace of mind you're looking for when searching for quality senior care. Our non-medical services include all of the following:

  • Personal, for help with bathing, dressing, or tasks like organizing and taking medications
  • Household, for assistance with grocery shopping, everyday cooking & cleaning, or laundry duties
  • Health, when transportation to and from the doctor is required
  • Care Coordination, for meetings with doctors and care managers to better understand the type and extent of care needed
  • Emotional, for companionship, comfort, and transportation

How Do I Choose the Right Senior Home Care Agency?

Ask friends and family for a personal reference- chances are, many people you already know have at one time or another needed the services of an agency like Innovative Healthcare. Feel free to speak with us if you have questions or concerns or need help understanding how to navigate the healthcare system- we'd be happy to help. We bring more than two decades of experience and expertise to the table- and our team is available by phone any time you need assistance or support. We are indeed the best senior home care in Beverly Hills.

Can Senior Care help With Transitioning Home?

Our senior home care services are ideal for patients returning home from the hospital or nursing home. We help with a number of situations that improve quality of life after a long absence from the home:

  • Insurance assistance
  • Arrangements for outside services, such as meals
  • Accompanying patients to doctor visits
  • Functional status updating and reporting
  • Physician care coordination
  • Advance directives arrangement
  • And more

Should I Set Up Senior Home Care For a Loved One?

Only you and your family can decide if a loved one needs additional care, personal assistance, or companionship, however, healthcare experts recommend looking into the details as soon as you suspect that senior home care in Beverly Hills may be required in the near future. You can schedule a free consultation with our staff just by calling- we'd love the opportunity to assess your needs and help you achieve your objectives for your loved one. There's no better way to show you care than by providing help during transitional times of life.

Learn More About Aging At Home

Explore the free resources located online at Innovative Healthcare. Our FAQ section is a great place to start when looking into at-home non-medical senior home care in Beverly Hills. We specialize in assessment and monitoring, planning and problem solving, education and advocacy, and family caregiver coaching, providing a broad range of services to ensure exceptional peace of mind. Whatever your level of personal care for a family member, there may be times when you require a respite or need additional help to improve the quality of life for a senior- we're here for you.

Senior Home Care Beverly Hills
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Senior Home Care Beverly Hills
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Senior Home Care Beverly Hills Senior Home Care Beverly Hills Senior Home Care Beverly Hills