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Article provided by: Advanced Recovery Centers

Treatment Center Bakersfield

Treatment Center Bakersfield

Luxury does not equate to quality in many things of life, including rehab facilities. Generally, spending a couple more thousand dollars in rehab does not guarantee better professionalism, amenities, or techniques. In some instances, you may only get a swimming pool, luxurious sound systems, and high-end décor due to the high price.

Review of amenities in the best drug and alcohol rehab near me

All rehabs should offer the basic level of amenities with simple comforts. Some studies state that rehab centers lacking minimal resources are likely to have a high dropout rate. Therefore, you must choose a treatment center in Bakersfield with the highest scientifically proven methods and adequate amenities for all kinds of therapies. Look at the following traits to determine the quality of the rehab and analyze whether they will deliver your desired treatment quality:

  • Credentials of the treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions
  • The treatment methods
  • Experience and education of the staff
  • The patient to staff ratio
  • Location of the rehab
  • Availability of aftercare services
  • The serenity of the space

A review of our amenities and resources

Comfortable rooms

Treatment and therapy sessions should always be soothing to the patient’s mental state. There is a degree of mental adjustment that cannot occur when you live in a crowded, noisy, or unclean room. Therefore, our rehab center structured all accommodation and

treatment centers to promote a clean and welcoming space. We can also advise you on the possibility of sharing a room if you want the support of peers with the same condition.

The accommodation spaces have maintenance and cleaning services, especially for patients at the earlier stages of treatment. These services remove pressure from the living situation, so you can go along with the program and reap all the therapy's benefits.


Exercise is a critical piece of rehab recovery programs because drug addictions can cause adverse effects on the physical and mental state. In addition, researchers found that exercise helps reduce the urge to relapsing because your brain releases hormones to help regulate a compulsive disorder. Advanced Recovery Centers has staff to help with exercise programs that are particularly beneficial for your health.


People who get rehab and outpatient rehab treatment want to get better under the supervision of professionals. The reality is we can only do so much to support your healing and put you on the path of long-term sobriety. The degree to which we provide supervision will always determine how much you benefit from rehab. Our facility is clean and sober at all times, has a secure campus, a tight security program, and on-ground security staff to reinforce protection.

The professional team has proper training in supporting and providing therapeutic programs. In addition, we offer many different educational opportunities throughout the intensive outpatient addiction treatment to keep the mind active during your free hours. Our goal is for all patients to emerge out of treatment with a renewed sense of self, new hobbies, and skills to give a new meaning to their life.

Rehab is potentially a gut-wrenching process that deserves expert support from qualified professionals. Complete the online verification process to begin your admission process or call the substance abuse treatment center at 661-325-4357 for more information.

Treatment Center Bakersfield
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Treatment Center Bakersfield
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Treatment Center Bakersfield Treatment Center Bakersfield Treatment Center Bakersfield