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Article provided by: Ultima Dental Wellness

SW Calgary Emergency Dentist

The American Family Physician states that twenty-two percent of society experience oral pain or dental problems regularly. It is, therefore, unnecessary to consider every situation a dental emergency that requires a dentist’s intervention. What is a dental emergency?

A problem that cannot wait for a couple of days is a dental emergency. Issues that cause severe pain can be unbearable and should have the fastest treatment possible. Less severe problems include a broken crown, a lost filling, a chipped tooth. Our SW Calgary emergency dentist can handle the following conditions at any time, and especially during the ongoing lockdown for the COVID-19 management program.

What will our emergency dentist treat?

Fallen tooth

Children are more likely to have a knocked-out tooth because they have a more aggressive playtime. It is also a common scenario among active sportspeople who engage their heads in the game, such as boxing. You may stress about the child’s pain or finding the missing tooth. The best option is to refrain from touching the tooth with dirty hands or waiting too long before contacting the dentist.

Chipped tooth

A tooth may break by less than force to the face, such as falling or hitting the wall. Teeth break due to chewing hard foods. The dentist will examine the tooth for all the damages possible, such as a hole that needs filling. The study is vital in preventing issues like tooth decay due to food sticking in open spaces.

Damaged filling

Metal fillings are prone to chip offs and cracks, which cause pain or discomfort. Ignoring a less severe broken filling will usually cause tooth decay and increased sensitivity to temperature or pressure.


Teeth infections often have the accompaniment of swelling or pain. They may have serious bacterial infections leading to gum or tooth abscesses. The tiny sacs then develop pus and cause intense pain when they do not get immediate treatment. An untreated infection spreads to other parts of the body and is potentially fatal in extreme cases. It is crucial to call the SW Calgary emergency dentist to receive quality and exhaustive exams and treatment.

Blunt injury

A blunt injury is one that does not necessarily have a physical symptom. One can experience bleeding, and after encountering a blow that does not leave visible damage. The emergency dentist will stop the pain and perform a thorough exam to ascertain the extent of the accident.

Bleeding gums

A chronic gum issue usually turns into an emergency when it causes a permanent stinking breath and bleeding. It indicates tooth decay that is rooted in the jaws and requires immediate dental treatment. The dentist advises one to seek medical treatment before the gum leads to a more severe case.  

Damaged braces

A broken or dislodged bracket is an emergency because it could cause further misalignment of teeth or pain. It could also cause complete restructuring of the jaw, and therefore make it harder to align the teeth to the best shape possible.

Our emergency dentist understands that there are more than the above conditions that qualify as emergency cases. Call us today at the first sign of pain, and let us help you resume your normal health despite the strict working schedules.


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