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Article provided by: Spring Gardens Recovery

South Florida Alcohol Rehab

South Florida Alcohol Rehab

Spring Gardens Recovery strives to provide a South Florida alcohol rehab that addresses the needs of problem-drinkers in an outside-the-box way. While many of South Florida's rehabs are outdated and use ineffective treatment models, Spring Gardens Recovery models its alcohol treatment program based on scientifically-backed research and groundbreaking addiction treatment techniques.

Alcohol is a powerful substance that not only severely intoxicates the people who abuse it, but alcohol also makes people dependent on it. For decades upon decades, South Florida alcohol rehabs have approached the treatment of alcohol dependency from the same perspective; attend AA classes, read your big book, find a sponsor, and work the 12 steps. Yet, given that the national average for relapse is as high as 77% of all people who attend drug and alcohol rehabs each year; isn't it time we try something different?

Yoga and Guided Meditation

Group therapy, support networks, meetings, 12 steps, and many of the staples of alcohol rehab are promoted at Spring Gardens Recovery. However, we also believe in trying new things like yoga and guided meditation, as these have been shown to be highly effective in recovery.

Yoga and guided meditation can help a person find balance. For someone who is fresh out of active addiction, finding balance can be the difference between relapse and staying sober! Plus, yoga is great exercise, which helps to flush the toxins leftover from substance abuse out of the body to facilitate faster and complete recovery. Guided meditation can calm your anxiety, fight off depression, give you a sense of peace with your circumstances and the world around you, making you more excited about engaging in a rehab program.

Massage Therapy

Studies have shown that massage therapy in drug rehab can play a huge role in a patient's recovery. Therapeutic massage is a natural form of pain relief. Tt can relax the muscles, enhance concentration, and help the body to detoxify from any impurities and free radicals in it. While many view massage as an indulgence, we think it is an important part of early and ongoing recovery.

Music Therapy

Does music really have a place in recovery? Yes! While some music may create triggers that lead to relapse, some music can be relaxing, inspirational, and motivational. Music therapy has been used for many years it different fields to treat a variety of conditions. Much like meditation, Yoga, and massage therapy, music therapy has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. Relaxation, increased concentration, and emotional balance are just a few of the benefits achieved with music therapy.

Sauna Therapy

Long after a person quits alcohol, a residual effect from the substance remains in their bodies. Alcohol can lead to mood swings, pain, discomfort, and other unpleasant feelings. Sauna therapy purges the remaining toxins from the body. Combined with our other holistic addiction treatment techniques, patients can achieve great results in recovery and set themselves up for success. Start by contacting Spring Gardens Recovery, and take a virtual tour of our facility on the Home page of this website.

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South Florida Alcohol Rehab South Florida Alcohol Rehab South Florida Alcohol Rehab