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Relapse Prevention Plan

Relapse Prevention Plan

Promising Outlook is a top drug and alcohol rehab center providing comprehensive addiction and mental health treatments, including a perfect relapse prevention plan. We know how to write a recovery plan, which, as a result, increases the success rate when it comes to treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Our ultimate relapse prevention techniques

We offer several treatment programs that are part of our clients' ideal plan for relapse prevention. These programs include:


Detox alone isn't enough treatment for substance abuse, but it's our first step that prepares our clients to participate in the major treatment process. Our detoxification program helps in flushing the drug or alcohol toxins from your body to mitigate cravings, temptations, or potential relapse. We also provide prescription medications to help you manage uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms — that can trigger continual drug or alcohol use.

Inpatient treatment

Our inpatient treatment program involves the treatment you receive while living in our top-rated rehab. This is an intensive, residential treatment plan we've designed for those with severe addictions or anyone who wants to work on their recovery in a safe and supportive environment.

In most cases, people turn back to their substance abuse behavior after completing formal treatment due to a lack of support systems. Our inpatient rehab offers the support you need to overcome addiction and maintain your sobriety.

Outpatient treatment

Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab is an option for people struggling with substance abuse issues who can't get time away to enter the inpatient program. On the other hand, we offer this program as a part of our preeminent relapse prevention and drug treatment aftercare plan that we create after the formal treatment process.

The outpatient treatment program includes all the therapies we offer in the inpatient rehab expect around-the-clock supervision.

Sober living

We offer sober living services that operate as a bridge between our inpatient treatment and the society or "real world." This is one of our greatest relapse prevention ideas that offer an in-between recovery option to help you cope with cravings by implementing the skills we teach you in rehab.

There many benefits to participating in our sober living program, including:

  • Attending 12-step meetings
  • Creating sober and positive friendships
  • Creating structure
  • Accountability
  • Reinforce the desire to stay drug- or alcohol-free, etc.


This involves individual and family counseling. This program focuses on educating the persona in recovery and his or her family about addiction. Our highly-trained counselors teach our clients and their families about:

  • The underlying causes of substance abuse
  • How to mitigate risk factors for relapse
  • How to support their loved ones in recovery

Join the best drug and alcohol rehab

If you need a rehab center that focuses on treating the addiction symptoms, co-occurring disorders, and relapse prevention, then we're the right choice for you.

Are you looking for comprehensive addiction treatment with an adequate relapse prevention plan? Join Promising Outlook today to get the help you need for yourself or a loved one. Reach us now to speak with a professional today: or contact us:

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Relapse Prevention Plan Relapse Prevention Plan Relapse Prevention Plan