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Long term alcohol rehab

Long term alcohol rehab

Because Maui Recovery is a private alcohol rehab, we are able to provide long-term care for our patients. Maui Recovery is one of the best long-term alcohol rehabs in the United States because our patients can stay for any duration, and we have a comprehensive alcohol rehabilitation program that is highly customizable per the needs of each patient whom we work with. Plus, Maui Recovery is one of the most luxurious, spacious, quiet, and peaceful places to recover from alcohol addiction in the world! If you need alcohol addiction treatment, trust us, there is no better place to get the help you need than at Maui Recovery!

Maui Recovery Offers Alcohol Detox

At Maui Recovery, we take a balanced approach towards helping our patients recover from alcohol, starting with medically supervised detox. Although alcohol is legal, it is one of the most lethal and addictive substances known to mankind. Since it is legal and easily obtained, alcohol is one of the most commonly used and abused substances that there is on the planet. Alcohol affects people from every background and walk of life. No demographic is spared, and alcohol is merciless in how it ravages and destroys lives!

Balance is the Key to Recovery

A balanced approach to recovery means providing our patients with adequate time to relax, rejuvenate, and lavish themselves with the comforts and luxuries that are usually synonymous with five-star resorts, while at the same time staying busy with program-related activities. It also involves going on adventures, having fun, and learning how to live again without depending on alcohol. In addition to providing our patients with the tools they need to succeed, Maui Recovery also focuses on

Mental Health and Alcohol Addiction

Many people who become addicted to alcohol have other underlying problems that need to be addressed. Most often, these are co-occurring disorders or underlying psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or other mental disorders. These mental health disorders may have been present prior to addiction to alcohol, or alcohol addiction may have brought them about. Either way; you cannot treat one without the other when a person suffers from alcohol addiction!

If you are someone who is self-medicating with alcohol, Maui Recovery would like you to know that there is a better way to feel better. Consuming what's in the bottle only feels good for so long, and then, what's in the bottle starts to consume you.

Stay as Long as You Need

Rather than providing a cut and paste 30-day treatment program, Maui Recovery invites you to stay 60 days, 90 days, or as long as you need, until you have developed the tools and strengths that you need to resist the temptation of alcohol use on your own. There's no rush. Maui Recovery is a long-term alcohol rehab that will work with you until you are fortified to resist the pressures and temptations of the world. We provide A to Z alcohol rehab services. Contact us today to speak with a Maui Recovery representative.

Long term alcohol rehab
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Long term alcohol rehab
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Long term alcohol rehab Long term alcohol rehab Long term alcohol rehab