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Article provided by: Bridges of Hope Treatment Center

Indianapolis Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Bridges of Hope is one of the superior Indianapolis drug rehabilitation facilities that offer unparalleled treatment care for drug and alcohol addiction. Our top-notch amenities and high-end infrastructure offers the perfect environment for patients to heal and recover.

Tips for choosing a treatment center

Do your research to discover the best treatment center based on cost, staff expertise, location, past patient reviews, and treatment programs. Make sure to call the streamlined treatment facilities to inquire if whether they accept your insurance plan. Choose a treatment center that specializes in your substance of addiction.

The environment of a rehab center plays a vital role in recovery. Make sure the rehab facility has all the amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a highly skilled clinical team. Schedule a tour with the admission officer at the rehab center to look around the facility before you enroll. Visit our center today to get a feel of our finesse.

Benefits of equine therapy in addiction treatment

We are among the few Indianapolis drug rehabilitation facilities to offer equine therapy as a part of the rehab program. Our equine therapy offers benefits like building relationship skills, balancing internal feelings, and improving confidence in patients.

Horses are highly intelligent animals, and working with them, helps to improve assertiveness, focus, and resilience, along with developing emotional stability. Furthermore, equine therapy has helped our inmates to eliminate their negative emotions and foster a positive thought process. Call us today for affordable addiction treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The duration of rehab treatments can vary depending upon factors like severity of the addiction, the substance of abuse, length of addiction, and co-occurring mental disorders. An inpatient program offers the best treatment results and is the fastest and safest way to attain sobriety. In-patient programs involve a minimum stay of 30-days that can go up to 90 days based on the severity of the addiction.

Insurance policies do not cover the rehab treatment costs exceeding a 90-day stay. Generally, individuals attain complete recovery by the end of their treatment program. Some rehab centers offer continuing care after rehab to avoid relapse in patients. Visit or call us today.

What is the course of activities on a typical day in Rehab?

Each patient undergoes a custom treatment program in rehab. Inpatient programs usually involve a structured schedule. You can expect to follow a routine treatment program. This program will develop a series of activities on a day-to-day basis to keep you occupied and to aid in recovery.

You will attend a variety of therapies, group activities, one-on-one meetings, fitness, and yoga sessions throughout the day. Your schedules may be altered based on your progress towards recovery. You will also have some free time to relax and socialize with other inmates at the rehab facility. Visit us to get a feel of what we do on a typical day.

Call Bridges of Hope today to know more about our treatment approach and prices. We invite you to one of the few Indianapolis drug rehabilitation facilities to offer affordable and comprehensive treatment care for addiction.

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Indianapolis Drug Rehabilitation Facilities
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Indianapolis Drug Rehabilitation Facilities Indianapolis Drug Rehabilitation Facilities Indianapolis Drug Rehabilitation Facilities