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Article provided by: Stonebrook, Inc.

Group Homes For Mentally Retarded

Not all group homes for mentally retarded persons are as wonderful as Stonebrook in lovely Martinsburg, West Virginia. At Stonebrook, we provide our residents with a lifestyle that is comforting, gentle, nourishing and appropriate to their development. Set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, few group facilities compare to ours.

Gone are the days when mentally retarded persons were hidden away. Thank goodness we have evolved that far as a society. It was not so long ago that mentally disabled adults were made to live in unhappy institutions. Stonebrook is delighted to be a part of modern care by way of our seven group homes for mentally retarded in and around beautiful Martinsburg, West Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Each of our seven group homes for mentally retarded is clean and home-like. You can feel good about having your adult child reside here. We provide individualized care specific to the needs of each resident at Stonebrook group homes. We provide tasty, nutritious meals and snacks, so you never have to worry that your adult child is not eating well. Yes, we can and do accommodate special dietary needs. Some of our beloved residents are diabetic, and we adjust their meal plans accordingly.

Stonebrook group homes for mentally retarded are wonderful, nurturing environments where our residents feel comfortably at home. We oversee medical care. If you prefer that your loved one continue to be seen and treated by a physician with whom they are already comfortable, we will do what we can to accommodate your request. If you have no preference, the resident will enjoy health care managed by Shenandoah Valley Medical. Should you desire that your loved one attend church services, we may be able to arrange that for you. Don't worry that you can't afford to pay for your adult child's housing and costs. The West Virginia Waiver program can pay for their housing and care. When you're ready to know more, give us a call.
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Group Homes For Mentally Retarded Group Homes For Mentally Retarded Group Homes For Mentally Retarded