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Geriatric Care Managers San Diego

Geriatric Care Managers San Diego

When you work with an experienced geriatric care manager in San Diego, such as the care managers of Innovative Healthcare Consultants, we understand that one of the most critical decisions that aging people and their children make is where to live out their lives- where they will spend their Golden Years. Most aging people say that one of their greatest desires is to grow old in their own homes. Put simply; Innovative Healthcare helps older adults remain independent. We provide services that support them in staying at home. With our affordable services, they won't need a nursing home.

Why Do People Hire Geriatric Care Managers in San Diego?

When people find us, it's usually because they're looking for geriatric care managers in San Diego who can help. San Diego is home to a very large aging population, one of the highest in the nation. Typically, one parent is in the hospital or has a common problem like dementia or Alzheimer's. However, if Mom and Dad are both exhibiting signs of dementia, the children don't know where to begin!

They don't know how to introduce help, and they don't want to take away their autonomy. Children often feel guilty about any intervention that takes away any of the life that their parent has. This is understandable because nobody wants to affect the quality of life for their aging parents in a negative way.

How Do I Get Home Care for My Aging Parents?

Our San Diego geriatric care managers help people to look at Mom and Dad realistically and help them put together a care plan that is dosed out in spoonfuls and not bucketfuls because an adult child may be inclined to rush in and take over. A care manager can make the transition smooth by starting with just a couple hours a day. Then, we can have the caregiver stay a little bit longer. A couple of hours quickly becomes four hours as the caregiver gains the family's trust.

A lot of times families want eight hours of care each day, but if we try to make Mom and Dad swallow that whole pill at once, they will likely resist care and all of our plans. Essentially, our geriatric care managers help families make interventions that are going to be successful, instead of interventions that are going to backfire.

What if I Can't Afford Homecare for My Parents?

Our geriatric care managers make homecare work if homecare is the goal of the family. What if they can't afford to keep Mom and Dad at home? Well, our expert geriatric care managers can help with tough financial decisions. We'll help the family to look at all the options, what the cost of every option is, and what the pros and cons of every option are. This saves the family hours of time and research, and because of our experience in the community, we know the best resources.

Geriatric Care Managers San Diego
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Geriatric Care Managers San Diego
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Geriatric Care Managers San Diego Geriatric Care Managers San Diego Geriatric Care Managers San Diego