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Detox Coke Fast

Detox Coke Fast

Cocaine, popularly known as coke, is a commonly abused drug that affects both the physical and psychological components of the abuser. 

Coke majorly targets the chemical makeup and tampers with the functionality of the brain, which is capable of leading to physiological and mental health side effects 

Detoxification simply means a process of getting rid of harmful substances from the body, usually an unhealthy habit or an addiction.

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine detox is followed by strong withdrawal symptoms, which are more psychological than physical because of their interaction with the brain.

Some Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include;

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Violence
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Loss of coordination
  • Strong cocaine cravings

These symptoms persist, especially when the residue of cocaine is still in the system. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms and timeline is dependent on factors such as:

  • Quantity of drugs abused daily
  • Duration of drug abuse
  • Concentration or purity of the substance abuse
  • Individual patient reactions.

Getting a Fast Coke Detox

To detox coke fast, it is important to understand how long does cocaine stay in your system,

  • First Few Hours: Withdrawal starts a  few hours after the last dose of coke. The 'feel good' feeling subsides after the complete metabolism of coke in the body, after which the body needs to get back into euphoria. This is called the Crash Phase.
  • First Week: This is called the Craving  Phase, where patients experience intense cocaine cravings. Patients experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, hostility, and unpleasant dreams.
  • Second to the Third Week: Craving becomes more intense with symptoms such as depression and suicidal thoughts. The craving phase persists for less or more than ten weeks, depending on the patient's recovery. After that, gradual healing of both the body and the mind begins.

Cocaine Detox Treatment

Our treatment program ensures patients detox coke fast. However tough it might be to detox from cocaine with professional medical help, the success rate is certain.

Self-detoxification is very risky, especially in the case of severe withdrawal symptoms. Although it is possible, it is best to do a medically-supervised detox.

We provide medically-monitored crack cocaine withdrawal and detox programs, which focus on the mental and physical withdrawal symptoms of patients. With our  in-house or outpatient treatment detoxification programs to choose from, we ensure our patient's detox coke fast.

Our Treatment Program

Contingency Management

This is a reward -focus method. It involves motivating patients to stay clean from cocaine in exchange for a reward. The prize can be something the patient earnestly desires and, as a result, is motivated to ignore their cravings.

Rewards are things that will instill healthy habits in patients, such as a gym/yoga membership, recreational activities that involve their favorite sport, or free musical instrument lessons. Looking forward to something will make the craving and detox phase bearable.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is a thought correction process. The mind wields a lot of power on actions. CBT focuses on correcting the negative thinking patterns of patients. This is very crucial especially when experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as; depression and having suicidal thoughts.


Detox is a crucial step towards fighting coke addiction. After the detoxification program, aftercare begins. Aftercare comprises the different procedures done to prevent drug relapse after detoxification.

It includes;

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Skill empowerment
  • Education geared at changing patients' orientation of cocaine and other hard drugs.
  • Healthy habit development.

We provide our patients necessary medical and moral assistance to attain full recovery from coke addiction. Contact Chapter Recovery Center for best addiction therapies. Receive a free consultation and verify your insurance: 877-recovery/877-732-6837

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Detox Coke Fast Detox Coke Fast Detox Coke Fast