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Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles

Bewell Recovery can provide a full continuum of care when you need to check-in to an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. Recovery doesn’t end with detox services, in fact, detox is only the first stage of addiction treatment when long-term recovery is the goal. Many addiction treatment centers fail to keep patients supported and connected to the resources they need to stay the course they’ve begun. Here at Bewell Recovery, we know that ongoing support and access to relapse prevention tools is crucial to maintaining lifelong sobriety. Contact our rehab for more information on alcohilism recovery.

5 Key Recovery Services Provided at Bewell Recovery

1. Treatment for a severe addiction requires intensive recovery programs, therapies, and treatment options; these are typically not available from an outpatient drug rehab. Top rehab centers in Los Angeles, like Bewell Recovery, suggest a longer stay in addiction treatment. Our residential program will provide the structure and support required to break the chains of addiction in your life and set your feet on the path to recovery.

2. Extended care is one of our most popular addiction treatment programs because it’s effective in preventing relapse from occurring. We know that by going beyond the typical 30 days in addiction treatment, patients have a much better chance of overcoming their addiction. Feel free to contact our admissions team to learn more about extended care at Bewell Recovery.

3. Intensive outpatient programs at BR can keep you moving in the right direction after you’ve completed our residential program. Outpatient programs aren’t usually supportive or structured enough for early phase recovery; however, they do have their place as a step-down program in our alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. IOP can keep you from falling off the deep end once you’re no longer drinking.

4. The best treatment centers in Los Angeles provide access to Sober Living housing that’s close to local amenities. If you’re concerned about back-stepping after rehab, a Sober Living facility can make your transition back home one that is smooth and risk-free. Spend time in a safe environment while you get back on your feet and learn new skills that will help you enjoy your new life without alcohol as a factor.

5. Aftercare is crucial to your new lifestyle; at Bewell Recovery, we have many ways to keep you encouraged and connected with peer support, counseling, 12-step meetings, and much more.

Alcoholism is treatable, no matter how severe the addiction, yet you’ll need to keep in mind that recovery from alcoholism is a lifelong commitment. By choosing our alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, you’ll have a real plan of action in place to ensure your recovery efforts are not in vain.

Contact admissions 24/7 by calling 866-317-8395. We’d love the opportunity to answer your questions about alcohol rehabilitation at Bewell Recovery and provide additional resources for you to consider while you compare programs and facilities. We can perform an insurance benefits check when you call today and let us know that you’re looking into recovery services for you or somone you love.

Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles
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Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles
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Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles