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Article provided by: Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center

Addiction Treatment Florida

Addiction Treatment Florida

There are many ways you can seek addiction treatment in Florida through a wide variety of programs set to fulfill your individual needs and goals. At Florida Springs, we have designed several strategies suited for every type of addiction; just keep reading to find out which one is more suited for you or your loved one.

As one of the top rehab centers in FL, you can be sure you’ll be welcomed by the most experienced team of licensed medical professionals in the country. They will provide a medically supervised detoxification aimed at ending once and for all that dependence on alcohol or drugs of any kind.

We offer comprehensive programming that includes different services according to your specific conditions. These services are based on the latest academic and scientifically-based approaches to addiction and inpatient drug rehab and nurtured by family systems theories that grant a more humane strategy towards full recovery.

Let’s see which types of strategies you’ll receive at our luxury rehab center in Florida and start your path on regaining control over your life.

Medically supervised detoxification

Alcohol and/or drug consumption has a significant effect on your organism. This constant intake rewires your entire chemical balance in the brain, provoking a disturbance in your decision-making and therefore affecting your ability to live a healthy life.

That’s why it is crucial to rid of all these substances and start healing your system step by step. At our Florida addiction treatment center, we are aware of detox’s importance as a key process to start overcoming the diseases.

This difficult process becomes much easier when doing it in a safe environment and accompanied by experts on managing possible consequences such as abstinence and anxiety. 

There can be even life-threatening reactions from detoxification, especially those addicted to benzodiazepines. That’s why a medically supervised process, like the one we offer at Florida Springs, is the safer way to accomplish full detox.

For extreme cases, we offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to lessen the effects of withdrawal. This program will clear your head and provide a symptom-free life allowing you to work and regain independence through top-of-the-field medical assistance.

Residential Treatment

We offer state-of-the-art residential accommodations for you and your loved ones at our facilities. You can feel safe about being here until you are personally confident you can move to the next steps in our long-term assistance treatment.

This type of residential care begins right after a successful detoxification process and is designed for you to be accompanied not only by top professionals that will provide proper medical care but also by your family and friends.

Our residential facilities are a comfortable environment to heal and grow hand by hand with your loved ones while having access to various activities. Living without substances can be extremely hard, but we are prepared to offer you a more than complete life at Florida Springs.

We have physical therapy at our gyms and yoga rooms, along with a great library that will keep your mind sharp and conscious. Not to mention our dining facilities and recreational rooms that will make you feel at home while making this important step towards your wellbeing.

Outpatient treatment and Telehealth alternatives

For those who need this same assistance while at home, we also designed a program to rehabilitate you outside our facilities. You can incorporate this treatment while still attending classes and work-related responsibilities.

This program grants the same personal outreach you’ll get at the facilities through in-person sessions and assistance. You’ll have the possibility to enjoy family therapy and benefit from relapse prevention strategies from home.

The Telehealth alternative is a great way to access treatment from home too. This individualized program devised by Dr. Raymond Pomm is aimed at those who have completed residential treatment and want to keep working in themselves. You’ll have access to video-conferences and will be guided through a variety of therapies that will help you in your path towards recovery.

For those who have completed previous steps of the recovery process we also offer Intensive Outpatient programs, especially when having a strong supportive home environment and are committed to regaining control over their life. This program can be scheduled according to the patient’s availability and offers both individual and family therapeutic exercises while still attending school or work.

All of these alternatives make Florida Spring the best rehab center in Florida. Don’t wait any longer; the decision to become a better person is at your reach. Contact Florida Springs if you are ready to take your life back from addiction: 850-403-6566.

Addiction Treatment Florida
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Addiction Treatment Florida
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Addiction Treatment Florida Addiction Treatment Florida Addiction Treatment Florida